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As any man is, who grew up in the Reagan and Thatcher eras of right-wing television, I’m guiltily enjoying my growing cultural hegemony. When I pass the billboard for the remade A-Team film on my way to the station each morning it cries to me; “the popular culture references of your age and class are the new universal by which others’ alternatives are measured”. Of course all glory is fleeting, but to have your own personal childhood’s cultural markers socially fixed as standard is a pleasant compliment.

You go, Hollywood imperialism. You keep doing it for us Anglo white collar thirty year old blokes—we can’t do it without you.

But that’s by the by. In China, they’re living the dream.

Yang Youde, 56, has twice repelled government-backed demolition crews by firing the cannon and peppering workers with fireworks.
Mr Yang manufactured his arsenal with used stove pipes and $US300 worth of fireworks, and his cannon can fire projectiles up to 100 metres.
“I’m a law-abiding citizen. I don’t believe these fireworks can kill,” Mr Yang said in an interview.